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Grades are getting low, the teens are getting high.


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“casual encounters (a reply to an m4w ad on craigslist)”

(The tears are flowing again tonight. You told me to breathe, and I still am, just… with a few more tears streaming down my face.)

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someday, i’ll be pretty enough. maybe pretty enough for love.   (another one of those days.)

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that’s what you get for becoming too attached. — i quit.

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i don’t want to say no to you.

goddamn it goddamn it goddamn it i wish you knew how much i want to say yes.

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sweater weather

“Do you think we can, y’know–” These are quiet whispers, because it’s taboo. Immoral. It’s a universally-tolerated act, and yet it’s also so universally-scorned. Perhaps it is because we’re not following the commandments of the lord; or perhaps it is … Continue reading

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heartbleed. i know little of it, except that i’m vulnerable,then you said, “everything.” everything is exposed,no more secrets.human error. maybe it will reveal how much my heart bleedsand leaks every dropletthat longsfor you

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