ffft. really?

this won’t be long.

i was looking through the “long reads” tag, as i needed something to occupy my time. something interesting caught my eye, though, the post entitled let’s be mentally equal instead. now, i would normally agree with this — and i firmly believe that gender and sexual equality discourse should be extended to equality in the non-physical sphere — but i read through that post, only to find a large amount of unsubstantiated arguments in favor of maintenance of the status quo and, in addition, the writer didn’t elucidate his points more clearly.

needless to say, i was disappointed. the argument called for equality between the sexes, while completely negating this point by saying that (1) roles must be enforced; (2) individuals are genetically predisposed to these roles as a result of evolution (as opposed to these roles being socially constructed); and (3) an appreciation for these “necessary” roles leads to “ficial” (is not even a fucking word. you were probably looking for meaningful or profound or significant. stop making up words and google a goddamn dictionary, it’s really not that hard) equality.

seriously, it takes more than a flimsy-at-best narration of what happened in the “stone age” to substantiate the claim. this is what happened in the stone age — according to whom, exactly? and more importantly, as a result of what?

but yes, i do agree with one point: we have got to stop talking about “seeing what it feels like to be a (man/woman – you pick).” what if we do get a glimpse of the other side, but fail to understand it?

the failure of discourse in most issues lies precisely in that lack of understanding. “outreaches” and “charities” are aplenty, but very few understand the dynamics of those kinds of unfortunate occurrences: the disenfranchisement of the economically maligned, the inequality between the sexes (and no, “men appreciating what women do at home” does not, at all, redeem this fact), the alienation that has caused a great many youth to commit suicide, or become addicted, or have an eating disorder — these are all entrenched in something so fucked up but so beautiful, all a result of change and trying to adapt to these things bigger than us, and human beings attempt to do so collectively.

but hey, who cares. back to regular programming.

(this rant was a response to some post by a 17-year-old wordpress user, whose handle i would rather not disclose because (a) wordpress, as i have discovered, is full of trads/conservatives, etcetera, and i would rather not debate with them on issues in which they invest on the opposing argument; and (b) dude’s a kid and is pretty popular, and i rather not deal with childish bullshit.
but hey, if you wanna read the post in question (but really, you don’t need to. promise.), just drop a comment below.)

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