I’ve held a Tumblr blog for a good few months. It was good while it lasted — I prefer to host content here, and consume content there.

Welcome back to me. I might move some stuff I liked from there to here.

(Not that anyone reads, but that is completely beside the point.)


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Hey there.
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3 Responses to heh.

  1. I think at one point I had the two platforms synced so that publishing on one fed through to the other. It was a long time ago though and I don’t think I understood what I was doing enough to remember how I set it up haha

    • Kaye O says:

      I think I’ve got some grip on the mechanics of it all, except I’m too lazy to do it (which really does not surprise me at all).

      In other, more interesting news, I read through your blog out of curiosity and I found it all extremely amusing (and I don’t mean that pejoratively). Definitely following.

      • Thanks so much!

        For me the writing and networking with other writers are the enjoyable parts of blogging. I need to change my theme and adopt some new strategies on getting my blog picked up by search engines, but it’s just hard to make myself do that sometimes. I can totally relate to your ‘laziness.’ Blogging is awesome, but there are parts of it that feel a lot like chores.

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