lost sheep.

2012 roundup: Ella is now a secular humanist.

Most of my religious struggle lies in the fact that I have relied too much on what people say that God is than what God says that He is.

I’m slowly starting to realize how ridiculous this all is. Maybe here’s the thing: I have to let go of religion. I do. It’s trapping me from worship. Well. Worship, and logical thinking. It’s essentially a trap. I’m a bit anticlerical from the beginning. All I have to do now is to let go of structure.

I’d like to think of myself as a progressive theist, where there exists a Universal Constant, but He should not be bound or defined by any “convenient” structure. My findings lead me to believe that while I do believe in a “God,” I believe in many things contrary to contemporary Christianity, Catholicism, and the like.

Well, if you feel like converting this “lost sheep,” then do so.

By all means, please do so.


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