there is beauty in friendship.

there’s beauty in forging relationships outside of the “required” norm – outside of bloodlines (which sometimes fail), outside of romance (which often fails), outside of legality (which isn’t really a “relation”-ship, no).

there is so much to revel in. the fact that we are capable of people to talk to outside requirement is pretty awesome. we choose who we want to be friends with. we choose what to share. friendship is one of the few things that we, as human beings, have control over. i don’t imagine myself hanging out with someone i don’t like and actually being friends with him or her. we’ve got so much choice in this particular relationship in our lives – yet sometimes, this friendship holds us so close and so tight that there’s no getting out.

the thing is – most of the time, we don’t want to get out. these are the only people who only truly get us – moreso than mothers or fathers who, while they are amazing and love you and mean well, are also eons away from feeling what we’re feeling.

regardless of opposites (or whatever whatever), we’re much like our friends. or if we’re not like our friends, we become like our friends. it’s a part of growing up.

and i can imagine myself old and married (or single, who knows), and i see you three.


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